Sunday, September 9, 2007

Steve Gines on Jack Powers

Steve glines is the founder of The Wilderness House Literary Review and

When I used to hang out at the Grolier there was a constant coming and going of posing poets. Readings were largely for established poets and I was not established. There were no open readings and few open submission poetry journals. I complained about this state of affairs to Gordon Carnie. He gruffly told me that I should start my own publishing house (I did, it was called Brahman Publishing) and that the poets that strutted around his shop were awful. If I wanted to hear real poetry,experience real poets, I should go to Stone Soup and Jack Powers. From then on I've been a Jack Powers fan and an occasional visitor to Stone Soup. In 1998 my daughter Kitty wanted a venue to read her poetry.Remembering the gentleness and genuine welcoming atmosphere of Stone Soup it was the first venue we visited.

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